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Air Freight



Air Freight Services Toronto: EKO Freight

With our airfreight service you will receive:

  • Door-to-Door service  

  • Competitive price and flexible schedule

  • Air charter flights capabilities

  • Integrators-like service

  • Consolidation and deconsolidation

  • Wheels-up Customs clearance

  • Transportation of dangerous goods and perishable, oversized or non-standard size cargo

  • Availability of Express service

  • Discount on Integrators service providers


What we offer

  • Door to door services – For the busiest of people we take care of all details. We will pick up the materials from your door step and take care of all the logistics to deliver it as fast as possible and in the most cost-effective way to any home or business in the world.

  • Competitive pricing – We know all the ins and outs of each step in the process. We minimize the time between each link in the process, we work with our partners and agents, and we know ahead of time all the possible quirks that can be avoided. This allows us to provide you with a very competitive quote. Try us, you will be surprised at how affordable air services can be.

  • Flexible schedule – We have at our fingertips all relevant flight schedules and can connect you to any rout. You have at your fingertips a flexible schedule and numerous options at your disposal.

  • Air-charter capabilities – Yes, we can even charter a flight for you. We have partnered with some of Canada’s largest charter fleets available 24/7 with guaranteed availability.

  • Integrator-like systems – We integrate all possible components of your needs into one comprehensive system, where each step flows flawlessly into another and all details are integrated into the bigger picture.

  • Consolidation and deconsolidation – We work to consolidate and deconsolidate your cargo to significantly cut on costs and transportation times.

  • Wheels-up Customs – We save time on transit by submitting the necessary documents to customs as soon as the shipment is confirmed and the “wheels are up” on a departing flight.

  • Perishables, Over-sized, Non-standard sized, and Dangerous Cargo – It may seem tricky, but we make it work with no extra effort or worry on your part. We take the greatest care to ensure a swift, safe, and secure transportation service with all the details and kinks taken care of before they arise.

  • Express Service – We can facilitate air shipment of your goods anywhere in the world faster than you could imagine, all the while maintaining quality, visibility, and reasonable costs.

  • Discounts on Integrator-service providers – Our large network of friends and partners allows us to negotiate competitive prices and discounts. For more information, just ask!

  • More - If you are unsure about the options and price ranges available to you - just ask us - we have team members dedicated to answering your questions in an easy to understand and transparent manner.

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