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Our Stregth comes from Our Partnerships. Each relationship is personalized to the individual needs of the person or company. This is why word of mouth is our easiest and strongest source of new clients and partners. Contact-us to see how we can build a relationship with you and help you flourish in your industry.

" Thanks to you and your team I received my goods in Slovenia finally. I was very happy with your services and will use them again in the future if need be, I will also recommend you to others who need their items moved as well."  Mark

   Mark moved from Slovenia a few years ago for some contract work. When it was time to move back he realized that he acquired books, clothes, and other personal items that he was not ready to part with.

     We helped Thomas with finding the best quote for him, explained the process of shipping, put together all the necessary documents, and updated him each step of the way.
    Thomas was pleasantly surprised and happy with the move.

“My client confirmed that his order was delivered. I would like to thank you for the great service offered and I look forward to working with you again. ”  David
"Thank You. Overall, thank you for your help. I was a not so easy customer, I admit. This was first shipment...It has been a pleasure working with you. I would recommend you to anyone."  Vladimir 

Vladimir was a first time exporter and was very nervous to do his first shipment. He had many questions and concerns, especially as the country he was shipping to has a tricky customs system. We were there to answer each of his questions. We eased his worries by offering a few solutions and informing him of anticipated events. Vladimir's shipment went smoother than expected and he is ready for more projects!

"It was a pleasure working with you all!" 


David was helping a client with a shipment.  We knew that the stakes are higher and David had to get exceptional service as we did not only represent ourselves but also David in the eyes of his client. We ensured that all the intricacies of the shipment are taken care of and that the client was regularly updated and felt at ease with the process. Gladly, we accomplished just that!

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