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Why Our International Freight Forwarders Are the Right Choice

With quality ocean, air and inland services, our international freight forwarders at EKO Freight have enough experience in the industry to help out all kinds of businesses, veteran or inexperienced. Our team is passionate about what they do and understand what it takes to grow and learn along with your business and understand its ins and outs. Take a look at our client story below to get a better idea of our hands-on, customer-focused services.

Client Story

Mark, one of our clients, was moving back to Slovenia after working in Canada for 10 years. He wanted to take all of his belongings with him but didn’t know how. Using our services, we discussed pricing, routes, necessary documents, possible roadblocks and anything else necessary to ensure that everything gets organized to ensure a successful move. We helped fill out documents, connect with overseas agents, arrange the pick-up and drop-off of the shipment, and updated Mark regularly on the status of the shipment. Ultimately, his belongings arrived promptly and he was more than happy with the experience.

Our Services:

Commercial import/export

Personal shipping

Vehicle Shipping

Refrigerated transport

Customer Focus

As evidenced above, part of being a freight forwarder is committing to quality customer service, something that we value very highly. Without the full cooperation and support of our customer, we can’t work as effectively as possible, which is why we work so closely with all of our clients to ensure that all of the necessary information is obtained.

What We Ship

Our highly qualified staff is properly trained to transport any kind of item in any manner available. Whether you are importing or exporting commercial goods or require refrigerated transport for personal items, our team can accommodate you.

Take a Step Back

Freight forwarding is no small task – between dealing with the intricacies of international and domestic law to the consolidation and deconsolidation process, getting it done properly requires a broad range of experience and expertise. Our staff has the experience to ensure that your shipments can make it to you hassle-free with no unexpected fees or problems along the way, allowing you to take a step back and get an idea of how the process works.

If you’re looking for quality, reliable international freight forwarders, our staff at EKO Freight can guarantee you satisfaction. With plenty of service options and a commitment to customer interaction, our hands-on service will leave you with no doubts that you made the right choice. . For further questions or to book a free consultation, give us a call at 1-514-293-5491.

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