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Dachser doubles bonded air freight space in Shanghai

Dachser has flipped the switch on its expansion at the Shanghai Pudong Airport. The bonded air freight gateway has now doubled from 3,000 to 6,000 square meters, which Dachser hopes will streamline air freight processes in the North China region.

The German logistics company plans to move more freight through its dual hubs in Shanghai and Beijing. Inbound and outbound cargo for the ten Dachser branches in North China will be routed through the Shanghai Pudong Airport and the Beijing International Airport, “depending on their geographical proximity, specific requirements of the goods and current market situation.”

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“Consolidating cargo via the gateway instead of handling it individually at local airports will harmonize processes and extend service capabilities,” said David Wang, Dachser’s air freight gateway manager for North China.

Dachser hopes that having two gateway options will allow it to divert overland cargo more efficiently. The new system also consolidated major airfreight operations at two major airports, which the logistics company says will increase transparency and reduce response time.


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