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Western Global secures scheduled cargo flying rights between the US and China

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Washington’s Department of Transportation (DOT) has approved Florida-based Western Global Airlines’ (WGA) application to begin scheduled cargo flights between the US and China.

US freighter lessor Atlas Air had argued that WGA’s proposed scheduled all-cargo service would constitute a substantial change in operations necessitating a DOT review.

WGA, special

ising in ACMI and charters with a fleet of 16 company-owned MD-11Fs, countered that it will be operating “with the same aircraft and crews that are being used for its current charter operations, and will be transporting cargo under a charter contract with a freight forwarder customer”.

In its filing of the approval decision, the DOT stated: “Western Global has provided all-cargo charter flights between the US and China and Hong Kong.

“The scheduled foreign air transportation services authorized by exemption here are not markedly different in terms of aircraft size or stage length from the carrier’s currently authorized operations under its existing certificate authority.

“In the circumstances presented, we find that Western Global is qualified to provide the scheduled foreign air transportation proposed in its request for exemption authority.”

There has been as yet, no official reaction to the decision on the WGA website.


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