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Teknowlogi launches AI decision-making platform for logistics industry

Logistics technology provider Teknowlogi launched its Logistics Expert System (LES), a logistics supply chain analytics platform, that uses artificial intelligence (AI) decision-making technology that has already been deployed in medical diagnosis and stock trading.

The U.S.-based company’s LES is a software as a service (SaaS) that combines transportation management systems (TMS), mobile intelligence, integration intelligence, business intelligence, consulting intelligence and AI in one platform.

That’s a lot of intel to process, but it allows LES to assess, analyze, provide recommendations and execute change for numerous logistical and business situations that occur in the shipping industry.

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The platform accounts for the business processes of shippers, 3PLs, freight forwarders, less-than-truckload (LTL) brokers, truckload brokers, LTL carriers, truckload carriers, drayage carriers, cartage agents, couriers and parcel carriers.

At last week’s launch, Spencer Askew, founder and CEO of Teknowlogi, warned that, “Companies that continue to manage their logistics with outdated systems will be unable to compete.”

While Askew’s words may sound hyperbolic to some, carriers and forwarders are in a race to cut costs in order to push up margins, which have lagged well behind a rise in volumes. Airfreight’s growing role in e-commerce is also incentivizing adoption of technological solutions such as Teknowlogi’s.

“Technology platforms that incorporate artificial intelligence are already being used to successfully emulate human decision-making in such complex areas as medical diagnosis and stock exchange trading,” said Askew. “The logistics industry has a long-running and unmet need for this type of solution.”


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