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Cargobase adds parcel freight mode to online spot-buy platform

Online freight spot-buy platform Cargobase has added a parcel freight mode to its platform, which the Singapore-based company says is the first such system that enables shippers to procure and manage any type of spot-buy freight, be it air, road, ocean or express parcel mode.

“Comparing different offerings in a unified format is what users already come to expect from procurement platforms,” said Wiebe Helder, CEO of Cargobase. “Cargobase is simply extending the luxury of one-stop visibility to our platform, which serves the logistics industry.”

With the new feature, Cargobase customers can connect to their parcel providers, such as FedEx, DHL Express and UPS, based on pre-agreed rates. Shippers can book and create labels directly on the Cargobase platform, thus managing all their spot-buy activities on one platform.

Cargobase says that its platform allows customers to compare rates and times with “just a few clicks.” That allows shippers to see cost avoidance figures.

Spot-buy freight is any freight service that falls outside the regular, pre-planned supply chain, usually procured in a short time frame. These time-sensitive shipments are often crucial to maintaining operations at manufacturing facilities, where a missing part can cost millions per day.

While Cargobase says that spot-buy freight is often “associated with high costs and inferior management, and puts supply chains at risk,” the company’s platform is means to cut out intermediaries, price out and monitor these shipments in one place.


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