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Fraport reports higher Frankfurt cargo volumes for July

Mirroring reports of strong cargo demand growth across Europe, cargo throughput at

Frankfurt Airport (FRA) continued to increase in July, rising 4.2 percent, year-over-year, to 188,009 tonnes, according to airport owner and manager Fraport AG. Year-to-date, total cargo traffic increased 4.7 percent, compared to the first seven months in 2016, to 1.3 million tonnes.

FRA’s accumulated maximum takeoff weights for July also rose 1.4 percent to 2.8 million tonnes, topping the previous July record, set in 2015.

Fraport reported mixed results for cargo at other fully-consolidated airports within its group, with the Lima airport seeing cargo volumes decline 3 percent, y-o-y, in July to 2,648 tonnes and the Bulgarian airports under Fraport Twin Star experiencing an increase of more than 100 percent to 2,257 tonnes. The Ljubljana (LJU) airport in Slovenia reported a 13 percent increase in July to 947 tonnes.

Among the Fraport equity consolidated airports, Xi’an (XIY) in China rose by 21.5 percent, y-o-y, in July to 20,852 tonnes. Year-to-date, XIY cargo volumes increased 10.4 percent, y-o-y, to 28,165 tonnes. Germany’s Hanover (HAJ) airport cargo volumes fell 34.8 percent, y-o-y, in July to 915 tonnes, but increased 3 percent year-to-date over the same time period.


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