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Freight marketplace to include multimodal carbon calculator

The Freightos online marketplace is offering free tools to allow users to select the greenest mode of transport.

It incorporates the calculations into freight quote options, for example showing that a 200kg consignment from Shanghai to London will produce 1.1 tonnes of CO2 by air but only 0.02 tonnes (20kg) of CO2 by ocean.

Freightos says that the recent Paris Accord has spurred a desire for greater environmental awareness in the industry and, with international trade-related freight responsible for nearly a third of global transport emissions, the sector is primed for carbon reduction technology and mechanisms.

Services available include CO2 footprint results in every Freightos Marketplace quote, a free embeddable freight carbon calculator and a programming tool that returns estimated CO2 footprint based on cargo route, dimensions and mode.

Freightos founder and chief executive, Dr Zvi Schreiber, explained: “Large shippers and logistics companies are introducing sustainability targets, but transportation is often the most opaque part of global supply chains…After all, what good is transparency if you can’t see through the smog?”

Glen Schwaber, partner and co-founder of Freightos’ venture capital fund, ICV, added: “Based on OECD data, international trade-related freight transport accounts for a full 30% of all transport-related CO2 emissions from fuel combustion, and more than 7% of global emissions. Accurate, transparent calculations of carbon footprint within supply chain and logistics is an increasingly critical element for companies with aggressive sustainability goals.”

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