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ABC adds control tower to oversee cargo movements

ABC adds control tower to oversee cargo movements

AirBridgeCargo (ABC) has established a new round-the-clock control tower (CT) operation to oversee cargo movements.

The control tower will monitor consignments of special cargoes and respond to service disruptions to ensure the airline "consistently meets customers’ delivery deadlines".

The tower will be managed by a team based in Moscow and provide monitoring of all cargo movements throughout the entire transportation process "from booking to final customer delivery".

The team is responsible for identifying and resolving any potential disruption to planned shipment deliveries, such as schedule disruption, documentation issues and the influence of bad weather conditions.

The control tower team will focus on special cargoes such as time- and temperature-sensitive products, live animals, off-size & heavy cargoes, e-commerce shipments and other commodities requiring extra attention.

ABC general director Sergey Lazarev said: “Our new Control Tower is a ‘point of convergence’ which will accumulate all of our cargo movement data to consistently meet our service commitments, and to take preventative or corrective actions as appropriate when they see a potential disruption developing.

"This will be the foundation of our next step forwards in the arena of special cargoes, and is ultimately designed to provide benefits to final consumers, be it medicines or vaccines for their health and well-being, aircraft engines to resolve AOG situations and ensure passengers reach their destinations in good time, or the on-time delivery of cross-border ecommerce purchases for special occasions."

ABC said its special cargo volumes have grown by 12% year on year in 2017

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