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Halifax Stanfield ready for freight peak as it looks to expand cargo facilities

Halifax Stanfield airport is expecting another busy holiday season, while it has applied for funding to expand its cargo area.

Bert van der Stege, Halifax International Airport Authority (HIAA) chief commercial officer, said: “This has traditionally been the busiest time of the year for our cargo business. By the end of the month, we estimate $30m in lobster will have been shipped from Halifax Stanfield in December alone.

"We anticipate the same high level of activity during the first month of 2018, as demand for Nova Scotia lobster is strong during the Chinese New Year holiday celebrations."

Carriers transporting seafood include Air Canada, ASL Airlines, Atlas Air, Cargojet, DHL, FedEx, Korean Air Cargo and Qatar Airways Cargo. Dedicated freighters will fly directly into Asian and European markets using the Boeing 747, B777 and B767 aircraft types.

The value of cargo exports is up 10% versus last year and 2017 is expected to become another record year for Halifax Stanfield’s cargo business. This increase is driven by high-value, high-demand seafood products.

“We see our role as facilitating Nova Scotia exports to global markets, hence the need to continue to invest in facilities and grow the value of exports. As an example: every single Boeing 777 freighter contributes $1.5m to our local economy,” said van der Stege.

Cargo Expansion

Last month, HIAA submitted a funding application with the federal National Trade Corridors Fund in an effort to gain access to financial support that would allow the airport to continue its growth and support of the cargo logistical chain.

The development of the proposed Halifax Stanfield Air Cargo Logistics Park would connect commercial and logistics businesses in Atlantic Canada to air cargo opportunities spanning the globe.

"If realised, the project will create jobs, enhance transportation infrastructure, improve cargo handling, increase trade and expand international capacity to foster exports," the airport said.

Located beside the existing cargo facility, the new Halifax Stanfield Air Cargo Logistics Park would include expanded facilities for ground handling and warehousing services as well as additional space for aircraft parking. This would be accomplished by working with a private developer to develop approximately 25 acres of new, fully-serviced airside lands.

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