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Another record breaking month for air cargo

The latest figures from analyst WorldACD show that air cargo demand looked to be finishing the year on a high after the industry registered another record breaking month in November.

The analyst said that air cargo volumes improved by 7.8% year on year in November, a new monthly record.

Yields were also up during the month, increasing by 17.3% in US dollar terms compared with a year ago.

WorldACD cautioned that the figures were helped by a 35% increase in the price of jet fuel over the same period.

The analyst said that the most striking figures for the month were yield increases from Europe.

“Measured in euros, yields jumped by almost 19% year on year to all destinations worldwide," WorldACD said.

“The Americas played an important part in this jump: year-on-year yields from Europe to destination North America rose by 28% and to Central & South America (C&SA) by 25%.”

In terms of volumes, Asia Pacific to North America registered an 11.5% improvement in volumes, Europe to Middle East & South Asia (MESA) was up 11.3%, and MESA to Europe 21.1%.

“Of the smaller markets, we mention C&SA to Europe 12.2%, North America to MESA 19.5%, and MESA to Africa 20.1%. Asia Pacific strengthened its position as prime growth market,” The analyst added.

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