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ASL Airlines Spain to cease operations as part of restructure

ASL Aviation has confirmed that it will withdraw its Spanish airline in order to expand capacity on the market and reduce duplication.

The lessor said that ASL Airlines Spain will cease operation with its BAe146 aircraft withdrawn from service.

ASL said it would progressively introduce B737-400F aircraft to the Spanish-European market to meet increasing capacity requirements with existing aircraft and only a very small number of additional aircraft will be required.

ASL said that while the move was operationally and market driven, it also conforms with the previously announced ASL strategy to reduce duplication, optimise assets and create ‘centres of excellence’ across its European network.

ASL’s stated objective has been to increase operational and cost efficiencies by reducing its number of AOC’s from six in Europe.

The plan for the Spanish AOC follows the return of ASL Airlines Switzerland’s AOC to the regulatory authorities following the transfer of its fleet of ATR aircraft to ASL Airlines Ireland.

As well as its Ireland operation, it also has setups in Belgium, France and Hungary.

"As the European market develops the BAe146 aircraft of ASL Spain do not meet the range or capacity requirements of the emerging market ASL is configuring its European freighter fleet to serve the current and future needs of the group’s customers," the company said.

"ASL Group will work with the management team in ASL Spain to ensure that the full legal and consultative process is followed and that all staff are treated fairly.

"This may include the possibility for some staff to re-deploy to suitable open positions in other European ASL airline companies so while there will be some job losses, the final number cannot be quantified now.

"The ASL strategy to remove duplication and optimise assets is necessary to continue to position ASL as a strong, sustainable and profitable business that is flexible and that can quickly adapt to meet the changing requirements of its customers."

ASL took delivery of its latest B737-400F conversion in January.

Late last year the company also offloaded its cargo handling business in Budapest.

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