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Emirates SkyCargo continues product expansion with AOG offering

Emirates SkyCargo has continued its product expansion with the addition of an aircraft on the ground (AOG) offering.

The Dubai-hubbed carrier said the core aim of Emirates AOG is to transport parts on the quickest possible flight connection without compromising on the quality of handling and customer service.

The new product includes a late cut-off time for cargo acceptance at origin – up to four hours prior to scheduled time of departure for shipments weighing less than 100 kg – expedited delivery at destination – maximum of 2.5 hours from actual arrival time of the aircraft – track and trace and priority handling.

The airline has also created a unique ‘Must Go’ bag for bulk loading of small AOG shipments designed in a bright red colour to alert staff to the urgent nature of shipment.

Emirates explained that grounded aircraft needed spare parts to be delivered as quickly as possible because of the financial and reputational impact of keeping an aircraft grounded at a remote location.

The air cargo carrier has developed a number of transportation solutions targeted at specific industry verticals.

In late 2016 the carrier launched SkyWheels for moving luxury and premium automobiles while in 2017 it created SkyFresh for transporting fresh produce. It also has a pharma product.

The company has in the past discussed continuing to add more products.

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