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UK airports enjoy January cargo surge

Heathrow led a UK airport cargo filip in January 2018, with a record a 6.9% rise to 133,000 tonnes compared with the same month in 2017.

The UK's top cargo hub saw export volumes grow by 10.6% in January, while the top destinations for cargo growth were the US (1,214 tonnes), Spain (1,070 tonnes) and China (966 tonnes).

Heathrow chief executive John Holland-Kaye said: “Heathrow is off to a flying start, with record passenger numbers and cargo volumes and the start of our public consultation on the third runway.

"Heathrow expansion will provide the global trading routes to super-charge Britain’s economy as we leave the European Union.”

Cargo handled at Stansted airport in the UK was up by 4.5% on January 2017, at 20,885 tonnes.

Stansted's fellow MAG-owned UK hub, East Midlands, saw a 12.6% growth in cargo tonnage in January. MAG's Manchester airport reported that its rolling annual throughput at the end of January was 123,676, a year on year growth of 8.32%

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